Names & Faces

Well, here we are. So the next time you bump into us, please say hi, we don't bite.

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Our octopus, she has her hands in more things than we realize. Her project management skill is off the chart, always making sure that things are done and on schedule. Was a journalist, her copy editing and scrutinizing skill is unmatched by anyone.

Being our shortest member of the team, she can get into places none of us can and can also get us tickets at kids price

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Ask her about chocolate milkshake

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Our chameleon, Zul utilizes his creative skills to address different creative problems with his own unique touch. He's best described to be a person who translates concept into visual really well. Highly driven and loves to drive his E30 despite the batshit crazy traffic

Our gondrongest member of the team, he uses more shampoo in a month than any of us, you can call him "Bulu". 



He thinks a lot, sometimes too much. But he also likes to do stuff, so he's the guy you can ask him to do just about anything. 

As long as it doesn't involve hurting cats.