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FF Share: Between Passion, Interest and Profession


Today is an important milestone for us, as we have always wanted to set aside a time for everyone to just talk about anything that they think is interesting to share. Today is the first session for us to do this, and thanks to Zul and Marvin who has shared their interesting insights and stories, that enrich all of us. We plan to do this session regularly every week, and share it here.

Today also happens to be the last day of Clifford as an intern at our studio. He shared his experience in Jakarta (he’s from Bandung), how he got a culture shock when he first started his tenure at our studio, and how crossing a road in front of our office can be a matter of life and death. We’re gonna miss you Cliff, and we wish you all the best on your journey.


An evolution through a journey inside

A story how the soul searching is connected in a way to express yourself through illustration

Marvin shares how he has grown a passion for the creative world since the early age, and how he sees illustration as his outlet, an extension of his feelings and a mirror to which he sees himself growing. As creative workers, we tend to blur the line between our profession and hobby, as most people see it, we manage to “turn our hobbies into profession” and they think that we enjoy it so much that we don’t see it as work anymore, but rather doing something that we love with all our hearts.

In a way, this is true. However there are other times when we need to separate and isolate that “passion” part from our profession, and put it safely in the corner of our heart, uncorrupted by the promise of capital gain or fame. That way we can preserve the purity of our creation, and that, in turn, make our creation priceless. This heartwarming story tells how we can find our true self by keeping our passion somewhat apart from our work, and resonate that growth to everything else in life.


Be the change you want to see

The best place to start, as Michael Jackson puts it, is with “The Man in The Mirror”

Passionate about soccer as a sport, Zul digs deep into how a football club defines and redefines their club crest and logo. He discovers that finding a common denominator about a certain city or behavior is one of the keys to creating a strong club crest. For example, Miami with its flamingos, Juventus with its well-know black and white, and how it was just recently redefined to represent more than just black and white.

Armed with these knowledge and facts, Zul embarked on a project to redefine how Indonesia should represent the sport in the media, how it should be more professionally executed. This proposed change is expected to elevate the popular sport in Indonesia into the international stage. Featuring clean lines, smooth animations and high legibility, Zul demonstrates how the face of the sport can become.

The discussion extends into a collective review of the recent Asian Games graphic execution and how a nation can be united in sport, as well as the importance of finding a common denominator in a country as rich in culture diversity as Indonesia.

It is very tough for creative professionals or any profession that involves a high level of passion, to compartmentalize between work and life, because as time goes by, the line between them became blurry or even nonexistent. Today’s share session is an important reminder for us to keep that line well defined, and how the result can be very positive to our work.